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Payment Procedures


1.    Payment either Cash or Cheque made payable to: Advanced Learning Centre Sdn Bhd 

2.    Pay without visiting office

- ATM transfer, then email us the transfer slip

- Maybank2u transfer, then email us the website print-out of transfer confirmation

- Cheque deposit, then email us the deposit slip

- Cash deposit by ATM/over-the-counter, then email us the deposit slip


Official receipt will be emailed to you. You can collect the original receipt when you come to attend class or earlier.


Bank details for ALC PJ

Payable to Advanced Learning Centre Sdn Bhd

Account No: Maybank 5122 2212 2885 / RHB 2140 3500 1373 86  

Bank details for Elite Int. Col KL

Payable to South East Asia Academy Sdn Bhd

Account No: CIMB A/c 8007480451