ALC Courses suit every student

Every student has a different profile of needs and priorities and our courses are designed to suit all students whether you are full time or part time students, resit students or students who want to improve your exam techniques (tests and mock exam doing under exam conditions).

ALC offers the following courses:

1. Taught course

Understanding a limited range of areas and issues is more important than accumulating vast notes that will never be examined in detail. The taught course delivers all you need to know to pass this paper. It does so by integrating the theory and application by way of doing questions.

One of the key factors to PASS ACCA is to practice more questions, tests and mock exam. We incorporate BPP iPass (consider of about 300 multiple choice questions and short questions) into the course to ensure continuous self assessment. Tests and mock exam will be organised under exam conditions.


2. Test Based course

This course is specifically designed to deal with this problem and is of particular value to:

a) students who are resitting this paper due to lack of practising questions and do not know how to gain easy marks.

b) students who wish to complement their existing courses with a heavily exam focused and test based module approach

c) the test based course, most questions and cases used are NOT duplicated in the revision course.


3. Revision course

The emphasis on the course is on technique. In particular:

a) Interpreting the questions and using them to generate answer headings, to indicate answer length, and generally to gain an understanding of what the question is about before answering the question.

b) Dealing with time management issues by avoiding detail and the obsession to offer a complete answer. The emphasis is on good enough in the time available. Objective to generate quick marks.

c) Improving presentation skills and developing an answer style that is marker friendly.

d) Practising at least one question on every examinable topic- and identifying the pattern of questions and issues that the examiner favours.